31 August 2007

Happy Teacher's Day!

"How many will turn up for class today?" I asked myself. I am not too optismistic, maybe 10? Out of a class of 40 that is. My class this morning has no other Core module after mine. Further, they knew that there are no lessons after that as it is Teacher's Day celebration.

I waited till 8.10am and to my surprise more than 10 students turned up. Not 10, not 15, not 20, but eventually 28 of them turned up for class this morning! I was pleasantly surprised at this good turn out (by my instituition's standards).

I was in a cordial mood and spend much time talking about politics, life, emigration, etc, plus the normal Communications Skills. The kids were responsive too. It must be Teacher's Day. They were especially polite today.

I dismissed them 10 minutes earlier and greeted each by name as they walked off. Though they did not give me anything, and I don't expect them to, their presence more than made my day.

We went for the school function later, to be treated to the school teacher day celebrations. Yup, all the typical celebration stuff. This was followed by the highlight - a great lunch, chicken kebab, sushi, cakes.. yum, yum.

Back at the office, a surprise awaits me. I saw a card - a handmade card from one of my class. On it were the words, "Happy Teacher's Day". There were 3 pages in all. A front cover, a 2nd page with my name and their attributes for me. The 3rd page were all their signatures and little notes. I was touched. This was my 1st gift from the class (ok, last year 2 girls gave me what I thought was leftover roses). It made my day!

Teaching is like that. Some days you get all red in the face with anger and frustrations. Other days, the kids will do a little act that blows you over. It may be a simple word. A little thoughtful opening of door. Or a smile from that naughty student.

It is worth it.

On the Monday after Teacher's Day, I was presented with another gift. This time, it was from my 'worst' class! I was shocked as i never would have expected something from them. It turned out to be a simple blue whiteboard marker. But it was a memorable one as it was from this 'worst' class. They actually asked me to pop over to their class when they were celebrating Teacher's day, but i turned them down as I was about to have class in 10 mins time. Well, surprises do happen here!


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