3 July 2007

To HK we go...

Tomorrow is the day where 300 students and 30 facilitators will assemble at the airport to fly to HK for our Student Seminar. Our flight is at 0810hrs but we are told to be at the airport by 0530hrs, and of course, teachers must come earlier. 

This trip really brings out all the bureaucratic "kiasu-ness" in all of us. "You must make sure your students are at their best behaviour!" "Please remind them to bring umbrellas!" "Please tell them to bring 3 sets of the given T-shirt and no jeans!" and the list of "You must..." go on and on. 

My fellow colleagues were sighing to each other, we will be very glad when all these are over. Which is this weekend. But then, the new school term starts on Monday - what holidays??? No wonder we teachers are very tired. 

In all these admin 'madness', we need to keep sight of the greater goal - education of the students rather than individual school glory. What do student A learn from this trip? Hopefully it is not just about shopping or girls in HK. I pray they will pick up some important lifeskills, e.g. the plane and ferry waits for no slothful student. Our students have a tradition of being late, let's see how they can wake up and be at the airport by 0530 hrs when they cannot get up and be in school for the 8 o'clock class. 

Shirt and tie 2 sets - checked. Students' passports - checked. Lanyards - checked. Medical supplies - yes, brought extra for them. All ready for the big day tomorrow. Family? ok, they are excited for me and will miss me. 

Lord, please grant onto me extra eyes to be vigilant, increased measure of grace to be patient and plentiful doses of energy to be alert for the 4 days. Amen. 


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