14 July 2007

Puppy Love

I must confess that I am a not a very good dog owner.

I fare alright in terms of feeding and cleaning of my pet. But in terms of walking him and giving him the right amount of exercise, I failed badly. We failed too as a family to play adequately with him and to provide for him the attention and exercise that he needs.

This afternoon, I did brought him out for a long walk. His routine is to urinate right at the pot of plant outside my main door when he is allowed out. He is very energetic. He will gallop and I will have to pull hard to restrain him. Once on the roads or at the park, he will bark at every person that he meets. I have a tough time pulling him back. Beating him firmly at his thighs do not seem to work yet.

Yet all these do not dampen my joy of seeing him enjoying himself in the walks. He brings out the life, the zest, the curiosity that I used to have for life.

A dog is an amazing animal. Men's best friend. You can beat him, scold him, starve him, but he will still love you and wiggle his little tail to show you that he adores you. When you come home, he will bark excitedly, as if he has missed you for a long time. His love for our family is truly wonderful! When we leave for shopping, he will quietly stay at home, without uttering a single word of complaint (so unlike my children :-) no matter how long it takes. That fanatic welcome is always there upon our return.

I learnt a lot about devotion and adoration for my Heavenly Master from my dog. I know that in this aspect, I have much more to learn from him. I complain. I would not come when called. I sulked and do not respect God as I should. I want my ways and not His ways.

Sigh. Give me a greater devotion for you Lord. I have not love you as I should. Help me to do so Lord. Amen.


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