18 July 2007

My Taciturn Dad

Each week my parents would come to our home to help us look after our kids. Today is one of those days where the kids get to meet their grandparents after school and play with them.

My time with dad is only at dinner time once a week and in the car as i fetch them home. Was this an increase during my youth? I don't really know. Growing up, my time with dad was also negligible, a few words here and there. He was not one who likes to talk. I was a boy of few words too. 

We communicate with actions and gifts rather than with words. He would wake up early daily to buy us breakfast each morning. Though we always tell him that we don't really like his breakfast food items, he would still buy the same items (Chwee kuey and chee cheong fun. I have since grown a liking for these food and eat them for breakfasts now). 

He will always provide amply for our needs. Whatever we asks for, he will give and not hold back (hmm, so unlike what I am doing now to my own children). I remember that there was once, I lost my key pouch, including our house keys. Without any nagging or scolding, he made another set for me and gave me some money to buy a new key pouch. If it was my mum, she would have scolded me for a long time. But not my dad. He does not scold, he gives. 

Tonight, the 2 of sat side by side at the dinner table. The rest were engrossed with the 7pm Chinese serial on TV. As usual, our conversation were limited and topic-less. But my love for him was real though invisible. I too do not know how to express love and how to carry on the conversation. With other people, I do not have difficulties conversing, but with dad, it is different and at times awkward. 

My dad has aged quite a bit in the last few years. Soon he may be hard of hearing and suffer from other diseases that old people are prone to. Would I still be able to love him then? Or will I see him as a burden and distance myself from him?

I trust I will love him. Even if I had to go the extra long mile. 

Human dads give us a glimpse of how our heavenly Father is. In my dad's case, he showed me the generosity of the heavenly Father. One who gives without asking why or for proofs of results. Sigh, and in this area, I have a lot to learn and grow in. 


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