28 July 2007

Egypt, Red Sea and Wilderness

Today's sermon, Nehemiah 9:9-12, touched a chord in my heart. All of us have our Egypt (times of bondage to sin), Red Sea (dissappointments after a great deliverance) and Wilderness (times of confusion). Are we able to see the Lord as the Mighty One who can deliver us? The Compassionate One who will provide for us a way out? And the Wise One who will guide us? What is our view of God?

I used to see God as the Almighty (in theory) but in practice, the mighty one subject to my rationalisations. When my mounting bills come crashing down on me and there are additional expenses and unexpected items to fork out, I would be down, crumbled by the mightier dollar rather than the comforting hand of God who said that He will provide for me (Mt.6.32, 33). I rest better in the simple maths of income greater than expenses, rather than on His promises.

Unfortunately, finances is not the only arena in my life. Work struggles, relationships, family matters, and in fact every area of my life is subjected to the test. Most of the time, I fail and trusted in my own provisions than His. And the sad thing is that I am a slow learner in all these sessions.

Today I stood up in response to the pastor's call for prayer. It is when we are weak then He is strong. Lord, I cannot. I believe you can. Come and take over. Amen.

Right now there is a big test waiting for me. The $500 that we are supposed to trust God for in booking a table for the 29th Anniversary-cum-Church Building Celebrations. My finances does not look so good especially with the many unexpected items to pay this month. Can I still pay this sum? It is not a small sum, and can last my family till the next paycheck. If I give it to the fund, we may be in need and may have to borrow from the bank cashlines to make ends meet.

I have drawn out the money this afternoon. Just do it in faith and see what will happen next. Don't delay or I'll be tempted to shrink back.

Lord, help. Show yourself as the Mighty One to provide.


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