30 June 2007

Word for His People

Do you believe in a prophetic word for the people in this season? It is not one of those "ra-rah" charismatic thing or an anti-evangelical thing. But that God has a Word for His people for this season. This word comes in a quiet natural way, through an impression to the Pastor and disseminated to the flock at a church meeting.

I do.

I know that God still speaks today. From His Word, through His people, through circumstances, and through an alignment of all the above, we can usually have a good sense that this Word is from Him.

Last night at our church meeting, the lead pastor released a Word for us from Isaiah 52:2. "Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, O captive Jerusalem; loose yourself from the chains around your neck, O captive daughter of Zion."

It is a clear message that many of us leaders seated there last night were in captivity. We were captive in our sins, in bondage to the evil one. We were in a pile of dust and enchained and refusing (and perhaps unable) to rise up and break free from it.

The Word of God for the hour is to rise up, shake off the dust and loosen the chains from around our necks. Our destiny is not to remain in a pile of dust and grow rusty. Our destiny is in verse 9, to "Break forth, shout joyfully together" we who are waste places of Jerusalem, so that the "ends of the earth may see the salvation of our God."

For too long, we are misled into believing that breaking free comes in incremental steps. Our pastor led us to trust God for a decisive break through last night from the things that hold us captive. I prayed along with the rest for that decisive breakthrough so that God can break into my life and help me break free from sin.

Sin is a deceptive and cruel master. To break free from it is hard and I faced all kinds of reluctance and procrastination. In fact I failed last night after the meeting.

But I believe that my QT and journaling this afternoon is a start of better things to come. I want to repent and trust God afresh for this shaking free of dust and loosening the chains(plural!) around my neck, to rise up and break forth into joyful shouts.


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