6 June 2007

Thots on gdop 2007

27 May 2007 was billed as the largest ever Prayer Meeting in Singapore and in conjunction with Christians all over the world. Hence it was with a tinge of disappointment as I saw the National Stadium only 60+ percent filled. I guessed the big boys were not there, because if one of them came, it would easily filled another 10% more.

Why were they not there? Why were some of their congregation not even told about the event? Was it because of division? Different agendas? Or simply pride? Wished someone would filled me in.

To me, as a 3 decade old Christian, I long for the day that we will all, at least the big bulk of us, come together and march under one banner - united, close ranks for the sake of Christ. Sigh. When will the day come i wonder? Maybe I'm naive. Men, under sin, will find it hard to reconcile with each other, and perhaps never will, till eternity.

Well for me, not all is lost. I rejoice in the 60+ percent of Christians who were there. God was definitely there! Perhaps that was enough. Never mind the dis-united quarrelsome brothers ;-)

I also met and talked with 2 brothers at length. One of them reminded me that i was wrong to think that nobody cared for my situation in the past 1 year. That brother did asked about my welfare. He did showed concern. I was selective in my memory and remembered only what I wanted to sulk in and thus forgotten about his care. Is it not the same for some of us too I wonder? That at times, we forget the covenant love of God and chose to wallow in our "pitiful" condition, made worse by our inability to see clearly.

O forgive us Lord. We have eyes but chose not to see, hearts but failed to love you as we should.


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