12 June 2007

Student Competitions

And the winner goes to....

It was not my team, but my colleague's team that won today. For me I was relieved that we did not win. Winning at this level meant more work to improve and bring greater glory to the College at the next level. Winning here meant winning for someone seating up there in the College's upper echelons, not winning for the students' education and overall growth.

When did we put winning more important than the students' education? When someone's egos were at stake. When someone's KPI became very important. When perhaps insecured people had to use winning to boost up their esteem. I do not mind not winning. I think there are precious lessons to be learnt in coming in second or third.

In life it is sad that no one remembers those who came in second or third. Are their sacrifices any less important? Are there not important lessons of handling disappointments to be learnt?

I will strive to teach my students the joys and lessons of coming in behind the winner. I will also attempt to teach them to think of over-coming self first and competition second. In this way, in every competition we will see all winners - though not in a way that management want to see and boast about.

But then again, those are their vain concerns, not mine.


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