24 June 2007

S$5.70 for a life?

I was at the local Supermarket this morning when I saw whole chickens on sale. It was a dead pre-cooked chicken wrapped in a transparent plastic bag. And it was selling for $5.70

Wow, that was cheap I thought. I used to remember chickens going for double or triple that amount. As i stared at it, I was also thinking of how cheap a chicken's life is. Just under $6. Imagine the price that the 1st person, probably the farmer, sells to the market person - maybe $2 or $3 per chicken? 

I wonder if a human being is being placed on a shop shelf - how much would he/she be price? A few thousand - 6 digit, or 7 digit sum? A few centuries ago, slaves were being traded. Wonder what was the price then...

When God looks at each of us, He knows the price that it cost Him. We are each worth Jesus, His only begotten Son, to Him. Our price tags? Priceless. 

When we look at ourselves, what is the price tag that we place on ourselves? Do we see ourselves as precious and as worthy individuals? When we look at the person seating across us, what is the price tag that we place unto him/her? Do we treat them as precious people too? 

For me, I need to repent for how often I treat myself with contempt and others as trash. I do not value myself as I should. I think of myself lower than what I am and can do. I filled myself with self-pity and put-me downs. Sometimes, I feel myself as totally worthless. I think of others with similar attitudes too. Especially those that I despise, hate and scorn.

Lord forgive me for seeing myself and others with tainted vision. We are all worthy of more than $5.70. 

Live distinctly today. Look for something worthwhile in the people around me, starting with myself. 


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