27 June 2007

Running out of life?

There are times in my life when I felt dry. No more passion left for anything. No desire to progress in anything. Just living life by going through the motions. A step at a time, smiling here and nodding there, but dead inside.

Today's passage in John 2 spoke to my heart again. It's about Jesus coming to fill up my empty stone jars of my life. I have 6 stone jars each able to hold up 20-30 gallons of liquid, and they are running out very quickly.

The danger is that I do not know that they are running out and am still living my life unaware. Others around me knew. They can see. But not me. When it runs out, life wears down and there may be embarrassments and chaos.

The good news is that Jesus is here to fill up the empty jars and moving beyond that - giving good wine, better wine than the 1st round's. This is a message of hope and needs faith to believe in. At times it is difficult to hear such messages because the heart is dull with past pains and toils. "Not again, I heard that before" type of messages swirled round in my mind and I do not want to try.

But perhaps that is what I really need to hear. Lives with 6 stone jars of wine running out, or, 6 stone jars of fresh good wine filled by the Master. (Here, Jesus also introduces a change from the old Jewish way of purification to His new way into the Kingdom).

How can I be filled with good wine, i.e. living life afresh with renewed zeal and purpose?

For a start, I can follow what Mary said in John 2:3 and 5. Come to Jesus, expressed my condition, 'I have no wine' and then do whatever He tells me to do.

Dear God, I come to you empty, very empty. Fill me up again with your water, with your good wine, with your Holy Spirit, so that my life will be vibrant again. Thank you.


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