22 June 2007

Rising up to run

My Quiet time passage for today is on Luke 24. The women visited the tomb to embalm Jesus. But He was not there and they were frightened by the 2 angels who had a message for them. They went back to tell the message to the other disciples who discounted the Word, taking it to be an "idle tale" and did not believe it. Only one, Peter, rose up and ran to the tomb to see for himself. It was not a wasted trip for him, for he saw the linen cloths 'by themselves' and went back 'marveling'.

I wonder how many times did I take God's word to be an "idle tale" and disbelieve it? In my decades of good Christian tradition, I have learnt to camouflage my unbelief with "it is not God's timing yet", or "keep praying", or "we must wait upon the Lord". If i cut these to the chaste, would I be found wanting in unbelief?

Peter, here rose up and ran. He was rewarded for his run by the sight of an empty tomb and a resurrected Saviour. For me, if I had not 'rose up and run', the tomb would still have been filled and there would still be a dead Christianity for me.

That small measure, mustard seed faith, is needed, to at least rise up and run. I need to rise up above the doubts and pains. And to start to head for the tomb to see for myself.

Now, where's my running shoes?


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