18 June 2007

My daughter..

She is a feisty little gal. Not one to be quiet or reined in. A wild pony. A mischievous monkey. A little imp in the forest. These would have been apt descriptions for her.

Somehow she is the forlorn one as compared to the older child. All she has was hand me downs, left over time and "you should have known what!" screams. In retrospect, I seem to have practised favouritism against her. These could have led to her more naughty behaviour and demanding ways.

She is always the "bully' at home. The older one will always get her daily screams or pushes from her. There was once she hit the older gal so badly until her right ear was all bruised up. Yet in all these, she did not say sorry and will not apologise. She will give you that kind of defiant awry smile that says "so what?". Recently her school teacher scolded her in front of her class for something similar. We advised her not to look defiant but be repentant, but to no avail.

Today she is sick. And the whole house is peaceful. She can only manage some whimpers and some demands for milk. So unlike her natural self. We rejoice for a while before all "hell breaks loose again tomorrow".

How do we parent such a child? There are many times we hang down our heads in despair and questioned God, "why is our 2nd child so different from the 1st?" O how we wished we just had one.

There must be a reason. And now that she is out, Lord help us in our frailty to parent her, to love her with all our hearts. This is something that we want to but do not know how to do.

Well for me, it is a journey of faith... believing that in the end it will turn out well.


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