23 June 2007


We were passing near my parents' place when my spouse suddenly suggested, "Why don't we ask your parents to go too?" It was music to my ears Happy

For years now, and we have been married for 12 years now, there was always this 'my parents vs your parents' thing within me. Whenever she did not want to go to my parents' place, I would be unhappy. Whenever that week we go to her side and not my parents' home, my face would be black. I tend to keep 'internal scores' within me.

Sometimes I wonder why I need to do so. Is it because my parents would question me and I would be at a lost for words? Is it for their sake or for my sake that i am calculative? Hmm, sometimes I wonder am i the only one in the world that would do such a thing? Anyone out there has such experiences too?

Well anyway this kind gesture from her was much appreciated after last night's family dinner at my side without her. After a few times of her absence, my parents and siblings do not ask about the absence anymore. It was good too as it saved me the hassle of thinking hard on what would be the politically right thing to say.

At the AMK Hub, my difficulty is in keeping the whole group together. My wife and kids tend to walk faster leaving my poor old parents behind. I would tend to position myself nearer to them to 'include' them in the outing and all the while hinting to my wife to slow down. I have to consciously tell my kids to walk with my parents since we are out with them rather than sticking closely to their mum. But to my frustrations, this was seldom done, and i ended up trying all other ways and means to pull them to walk as a family.

Sigh, sometimes going out together as an extended family is a real challenge. But it certainly brings a big smile in my heart as i see my kid playing with her grandfather heartily. The smile on my dad's face alone is precious. It's worth whatever difficulties on my side.


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