21 June 2007

Family Outing at Sentosa

We finally made it to Sentosa today!

My teaching school holidays and my children's school holidays do not coincide until this year for this one week. So it was with great anticipation and joy as we look forward to go out as a family together. But like all realities goes, I signed up for a course without checking the dates, and there went Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we should we be able to go out but mummy is down with headaches and so it was a low key outing to the shopping mall for lunch. (Friday - my boss called me back to work ...sigh.)

Finally today we were all able to go and it was with great surprise that we were able to reach Sentosa by 10am, with breakfast taken! Normally, on a Public Holiday, if we can step out of the house by 10am to take breakfast, that would have been an achievement.

We headed straight for the beach. My kids ran to the beach and started their sand castle building. I was a lazy parent, seating by the table, under full shade and shouting safety warnings from a far. I was more intent on taking photos of the place than playing with the kids - what a lousy parent...sigh...

Soon my sister in law and her 2 kids joined us. They had much fun under the hot sun. And, as with kids around, they can never sustain long in any activity. Hence, we have to break for lunch and then move unto another activity - the Sentosa Luge. It was total fun. The kids loved it, "We want another round!" Yes, maybe at our next time when we next visit this place again.

Most of these family activities are for kids. Occupy them with something meaningful to do. Let them run. Swim. Play in the sand. Sure, the parents join in and we "Bond" with them. I guess at times the parents themselves need some break too. And we pack off our kids to the grandparents' place. Teethy

I wonder if there is such a thing as a perfect outing? Maybe it will be one whereby we all have our favourite activity and take turns to take part in each other's favourite activity too? It'll be one whereby no one said a wrong word to spoil each other's mood. It'll be one where external circumstances do not affect our moods. It'll be one where it is HARD to find.

Maybe the perfect outing is just going out there and let your hair down and have FUN. Don't think about yourself so much. Let loose. Enjoy. Spend.

It is funny how I tend to shrink back and never do all these. Especially the last part. Maybe I'm too worried about the dollar and cents to enjoy fully.

Perhaps it's time to really invest in fun.


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