19 June 2007

Cut-and-paste World

I went for a Web development course taught by my fellow colleagues from another department today. These 2 trainers were young "foreign imports", one from Perth and the other from Myanmar. Both are highly experienced and qualified to teach the 20 or so of us web novices in this area of web designing.

We were taught the basics of html language and Macromedia dreamweaver software. I was awed by the power of this software, especially when combined with Adobe photoshop. You remember those wonderful photos in websites that you wanted to save by right-clicking and copy but couldn't because of in-built protection? Not anymore! With a simple printscreen, save, and transport into photoshop and spice - you can now save almost any pretty picture you want. Bravo!

I was also exposed to some wonderful sites for designing and enhancing your websites. One good example is that of http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ Check it out man! Use the html codes to beautify your web sites!

One thing that the trainer spoke struck me. He said that with modern technology, you don't really need to know all the basics before you can play with the tool, but just how and where to cut and paste.

That strucked me as a poignant picture of our modern society. We just want the "how-tos" but not the "whys", the simplistic fix-it solutions, not the fundamentals. I'm reminded of what we used to be taught - get back to the basics, the fundamentals, in order to truly master the subject.

In our Christian walk, we need to be careful in this area too. If we are searching for the band aids all the time, e.g. how to tide over this urgent crisis, we may miss the truly significant point - God's real lessons for our growth.

While in web development simple knowledge of cut-and-paste may suffice, but in life, we need much more. There is this real need to know Him deeply, to wait upon the Lord and follow His biding. May we develop a fresh thirst to know Him deeply today!


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