25 June 2007

A certain man, A barren woman

Does our society have any regard for those sidelined, poor, and unknowns? We all remember the scholars, the high IQ whizz kids, and the young singing idols... but frankly who takes note of those on the other end of the spectrum?

The Lord God of Israel does.

Judges 13:1 And the people of Israel again did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, so the Lord gave them into the hand of the Philistines for forty years.2 There was a certain man of Zorah, of the tribe of the Danites, whose name was Manoah. And his wife was barren and had no children. 3 And the angel of the Lord appeared to the woman and said to her, “Behold, you are barren and have not borne children, but you shall conceive and bear a son.

When Israel was far away from God, God already started the first steps of looking for a deliverer for His people. He takes the initiative. Here it was not recorded clearly whether the people did cry out to Him for help. Perhaps they have grown used to the sufferings and snuffed out their God and deliverer. Perhaps in their sinning state, where they again and again did what was evil, they have totally forgotten God. But He remembered.

As in all Biblical times, God looks for the 'certain man', the 'barren woman', those that in the eyes of society were rejects, invalids, categorised as hopeless, and He restores them. I like the phrase in verse 3 above, "behold you are barren (hopeless) and have not borne children (i.e. beyond human help), but you shall conceive (here comes hope)". Behold you are... but you shall. The current hopelessness, but with the help of God, you shall. Our God of the possible!

It is a good thing that God looks for the certain man and the barren woman. Then it offers all of us hope as we are all in one time or other, in that position.

Today, God knows our position. Our struggles in the office, in the home, on the roads. Perhaps the reason why some of us are in our present state is because of what He gave us over to because of our earlier sins. It is then time to repent. Whatever it is, take comfort that He knows our state. He has started the 1st step to deliver us. Help is on the way.

And if you are that 'certain man' or the 'barren woman' that He has called, obey Him fully. You are about to start a very significant thing in both your and others' life.


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