25 June 2007

Bedroom dirty secrets

After many months, I finally got a chance to clean the bedroom air-conditioner today. All these while, there is a strong resistance to clean it because it is directly above our bed. To clean it would mean that I have to carry aside the heavy mattress so that the dirt does not fall down to the bed. And my mattress is HEAVY.

Also, all these months in the room, I'm oblivious to the amount of dirt accumulated on and in the air-conditioner. It was only when I put on my spectacles and have a closer look do I see and get a shock of my life. It was - not clean at all. In fact there were much dirt gathered on the wall, on the bed posts and bed bars. Oh dear, I have been living with dirt all these while and I do not know it.

I spend the next hour carrying aside the mattress and cleaning the wall, bed-posts and air-conditioner. And once i get into the mood of cleaning, I clean the room fan too. My daughter when she saw me cleaning the air-conditioner asks, "What about my room's air-con?" I hesitated, because its going to be more work. But eventually, I cleaned both the air-cons. Great work.

While cleaning, I was thinking about the spiritual parable behind these dirt. I wonder if there were times that we are living with dirt and we do not know it? Perhaps, like what my wife said, she knew it was dirty, but she cannot lift up the mattress to reach it. Maybe, there were obstacles in our way, and we ended up compromising and living with sin?

And you know what, the longer we lived with it, the harder it is to clean it - its like strongholds that have developed while we live with undealt sins. It becomes very hard to deal with it, even the thought of it puts us off.

But like cleaning dirt, once you start doing it, it becomes easier and you would even want to clean the next room's air-con.

What sins do we need to clean out today? Hopefully, you are not like me who only start cleaning every semestral holidays, i.e. every 3 months. Now is as good a day to start getting right with God again.

There is also a scary thought. We may be like my situation, where I do not know it is dirty as I do not wear my spectacles in the room. How would you remove sins that you do not know?

We could pray for spiritual eyes to see. Or we can get close to God on a daily basis. As we walk closely with God, He will reveal whatever is displeasing to Him and impress upon our hearts to deal with it.

Start cleaning up your life today... it only gets easier after the start!


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