17 June 2007

15th June - A day of Many Firsts

It was supposed to be just another day in the office, but it turned out to be a day of many interesting firsts.

1. I fell sick. This is the 1st time after one year that I fell sick (still sick now as I blog this old entry). It is a horrible feeling with a groggy-head and comfortable sleeps. Oh how I wished I am well again!

2. The taps in our Male staff toilet were changed. This is a welcome surprise since we always have difficulty turning on the sensor-activated taps. Modern technology has its limitations ;-)

3. My email name was amended to include my christian name! Yes, finally after 1 year plus of begging the people at HQ to amend it. What finally did the trick was a reminder email with a history email that showed it was 1 year since they did something about it. Now I have a new office email address.

4. My colleague brought in his 2 schnauzers into the office. O how I wished my Jack Russell was as tame as his ! But O well, a lesson learnt - never buy on an impulse. For me, this was a case of giving in to my spouse and kids' impulse.

5. The staff gathered at the lounge and talked about our bosses. It was the 1st time that I sensed so much hatred and contempt for one's superior. Sigh. I did not join in the comments as I differed in my opinions.

6. My dog vomited 20 times (white phelgmy liquid)at night when we return from our Sakae Sushi meal. He was so tame and just lied on the floor and after a while, vomited. The kids were horrified, but I was glad that we did not rush down to the vet hospital, because he was ok after that, and recovered to be naughty again ;-)

What a Day!

When you have a day with as many firsts, what would you ask yourself? Is it suppose to be a start of something? What are the implications of all these? Or, heck with it just live on man? Hmm, I wonder...


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