21 May 2007

Walking the dog

I have a 8 month old male Jack Russell. He is both naughty and nice. The weekends are his walkie days where we go for 1-2 hr walks around the neighbourhood. He is quite naughty and he likes to jump and snap at those who walk nearby to him. And when he does that, I have to apologise profusely to the poor passerby. But he is cute too. And when he seats with you and looks at you with adoring eyes - he is irresistable!

I am not a dog lover before. But now through these last few months, it is becoming hard not to love dogs. They are love-able in that they can interact with you. They lick you. Their eyes follow you whenever you are in the room. These are the things that my children and spouse will not do.

Go get yourself a dog too and you know what you have missed all these while!


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